samedi 27 janvier 2007

Research Proposal

Why does Nazism still exist in Russia and Germany?

Russia and Germany have suffered deeply from Nazism and totalitarianism. One can rightfully wonder why it is in those two countries that neo-nazi demonstrations are the most common and that the political support for Far Right nationalists are in the strongest recorded on earth. My research will examine and analyze why such a situation exists in those two countries by taking into account the background of both countries, the political context, their respective cultures and what those organizations actually propose to attract such a strong support in countries that should know better. I believe that a thorough and unbiased understanding of this movement is not only necessary for Germany and Russia but also for other countries such as Canada, Hungary, France, the United States of America and Italy. History taught us what these organizations are capable of and should not be regarded as marginal. This critical mistake has been done once already.

Part 1
The first step will include the compilation of information such as statistics (economy, unemployment rate, ethnicity etc.) regarding Russia and Germany. I will also look into the historical background of those two countries (past totalitarian regimes, the arrival of Jewish immigrants in those two countries etc.)

Part 2
The second step will include analyzing the situation of both countries with what the neo-fascist and neo-nazi movements actually promote and why it actually attracts this sort of mass support. I will look more into the political programmes of these organizations.

Part 3
The third step will focus more on the redaction of the research paper and putting all the facts and analyses together.

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Helen a dit...

It would be better for you also to review the rebirth of Nazism in other European countries such as Latvia and another Baltic States in general. There it develops as rapid as in Russia and Germany. But it’s some different sort of Nazism – deep hate to Russians, to Russian language and proclamation of occupation from the Russia before and during WWII.
I don’t know exactly if this problem is touched in your sources (I mean in Canada and USA). But if you speak Russian or can understand it I can give you a link, where you'll found a documental movies about Nazism in Baltic’s, the RNU, etc.

From Russian exchange program student

Vincent Bélanger a dit...

Yes it is a very good idea indeed, unfortunately I was asked to narrow my topic to two countries only or else I would have added those two countries along with a few others such as Hungary and Serbia.

Helen a dit...

well, the site is called russian orthodoxe television

and the movies you'll be interested in are

If need help, ask me tomorrow.