dimanche 18 février 2007

Note Taking III

“Europe: An Ugly Head Rears; Russian Anti-Semitism.” Economist 374 Jan. 2005: 38.


This article is about anti-Semitism in the Russian society and what might happen regarding this issue with the future presidential administrations.

Pieces of information:

- The Protocols of the Elders of Zion are mentioned.


“Both the letter and the response to it confirm what many Russia-watchers already felt. On the one hand, anti-Semitism (which has deep roots in Russia) still seethes, a few millimetres below the surface of Russian life – though these days it co-exists with even more widespread kinds of prejudice, such as hatred of Chechens and Caucasians. On the other hand, Mr Putin, mindful of Russia’s image and of his good personal relations with senior Israelis and Jews, is anxious to stop anti-Semitism bursting out into the open.”

“Could a future Russian government decide to play the anti-Semitic card, knowing that it can draw on widespread xenophobia?”

“[…] a political change, brought about by a crisis, is certainly not going to bring more tolerant, liberal people to power.”

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