mercredi 21 février 2007

Note Taking XI - Quantification of Russian Anti-Semitism

Ephross, Peter. “ADL Survey Quantifies Russian Anti-Semitism” Canadian Jewish News 29, 38 (1999): 29. 21 Feb. 2007 < index="18&did="413195491&SrchMode="1&sid="13&Fmt="3&VInst="PROD&amp;VType="PQD&RQT="309&VName="PQD&TS="1170111555&clientId="9268">.


The results of an Anti-Defamation League’s survey about anti-Semitism in Russia.

Pieces of information:
- 44% in Russia agreed to six of eleven statements that express stereotypes about Jews. (12% in the USA harbours strong prejudice against Jews.)
- Even with these results, a majority agreed to some positive statements about Jews. (About honesty and their contribution during WW2)

“Several anti-Semitic bomb attacks and incidents have occurred during the past year, and last fall, prominent Communist lawmakers made repeated, public anti-Semitic comments.”

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