dimanche 18 février 2007

Note Taking IV

“Europe: Banning Nazis.” Economist 357 Oct. 2000: 50.


This article is about a possible ban legislation against Germany’s NPD and other organizations of this type.

Pieces of information:

- One can find here what other German political movements think of this possible ban, taking into account the freedom of speech.

Future research:

- I need to find out the issue of the vote on this legislation.


“For libertarian reasons the Free Democrats, Germany’s liberals, are against it. The Greens […] are divided. Bavaria’s right-wing Christian Social Union strongly favours it, but its allies in opposition, the Christian Democrats, are hesitant. Some argue that Nazi sentiment in any public form must be suppressed, while others think people should be free to express just about any belief, however repulsive, so long as it does not directly incite violence.”

“Under German constitution, a party may be banned only if deemed “unconstitutional” meaning that “by reason of its aims or the behaviour of its members, it seeks to undermine the free democratic basic order or to endanger the existence of the Federal Republic.”

“[Far-right nationalists] won 13% of the vote in Saxony-Anhalt, an eastern Land, two years ago.”

“Although surveys suggest that a full two-thirds of Germans believe that “too many foreigners” are coming into their country, even more (78%) believe that not enough is being to curb the far right.”

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