dimanche 25 février 2007

Note Taking XVI - Global Anti-Semitism

Wistrich, Robert. “The Old-New Anti-Semitism,” National Interest 72 (2003): 59-71.

Summary: The causes and effects of Global Anti-Semitism on the resurgence of Nazism and ''islamic fascism''. It concerns mainly the muslim world but still holds a few interesting facts on neo-Nazism as a whole.


''The topography and lexicography of post-Holocaust anti-Semitism changed dramatically after 1945, yet the essential elements of ideological continuity have been remarkably tenacious. Today, the geographical center of gravity is neither Germany nor the European continent (despite the alarming revival of old prejudices) but the Arab-Muslim world and its diasporic offshoots. Anti-Jewish rhetoric in the new millennium tends to be Islamic, anti-globalist and neo-Marxist far more than it is Christian, conservative or neo-fascist.''

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