mercredi 21 février 2007

Note Taking IX - Xenophobia in Russia Caused by Recent Events

Ephross, Peter. “Anti-Semitic Tide Rising in Russia.” Canadian Jewish News 29, 50 (1999): 29. 21 Feb. 2007 <>.


Article about current events that contribute to a rise of anti-Semitism, xenophobia and strong nationalist sentiment.

Pieces of information:

- NATO’s involvement in Kosovo affected anti-Western sentiment. Russia has always been very protective of its little brother Serbia. Some Russians even went to fight NATOs along Milosevic’s troops. There is a resurgence of strong nationalism
- The situation in Chechnya also contributed to a rise of xenophobia which affects the Jewish community as well. “Dark-skinned” people are targeted in Moscow’s capital.
- It is very recurrent in former communist state to use nationalist sentiment to gain political support.
- Underlines problems in Russia regarding freedom of religion. Jehova’s witnesses are mainly targeted by local bureau.


“Observers say the war in Chechnya has contributed to the high level of ethnic slurs in the current election campaign, including a slur by the Nobel Prize-winning author Alexander Solzhenitsyn, who referred to the alleged control of Russian politics by Jewish bankers.”

“Even more mainstream candidates are sending a strong nationalist message, which historically in Russia has often translated into anti-Semitism.”
“[…] referring to the Russian Duma’s failure earlier this year to condemn Gen. Albert Makashov, a Communist legislator who made several public anti-Semitic comments.”

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